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The Sleep Genie - I Cannot Fall Asleep At Night!

MSRP $399.99

All Sales Final $199.99

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Sleeping Pills No Longer Working For You?

Sleeping pills only treat the symptoms temporarily. The CES technology (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) used in The Sleep Genie, invented 50 years ago, and used by doctors for decades, goes to the root of the sleep problem and permanently and safely corrects it in 2-6 weeks.


CES is a remarkable technology that delivers gentle and pleasant stimulation through the ear lobes. Used while watching TV in the evening, for as little as half an hour, the effect is both cumulative and long lasting, without negative side effects … like those associated with sleeping pills.


The Sleep Genie actually taps into your body’s own natural system and re-sets your sleep clock back to normal, so that your body will trigger sleep naturally once again and let you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Charles McCusker - Psychologist says:


I have professionally worked with CES for twenty years and found it to be a very effective tool for the treatment of sleep and stress related issues. CES is a very safe technology, without negative side effects. It should part of every mental health professionalsí treatment protocol